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Chili - 15.2 H, 21 year old TB mare, forward ride but
comes back quickly, needs a rider who rides less with
his/her hand and more with his/her seat, well
behaved,  loves to jump, has done eventing, good on
trails in a group, needs a quiet rider
$2500 or
borrow free
Lina - 15.1 H, 12 year old quiet rider and consistent
work. Very responsive to aids. Beginner/intermidiate
horse. Can jump 2'3". Working on changes. Can be
spooky, especially indoors.
Carver - 15.2 H, 12 year old, Quarter horse type
gelding; slim build; very comfy gaits; wants to please;
rider must be able to steer as he likes to cut corners;
learning to jump.
Darwin - 14.3 H, 7 year old paint gelding; comfy
gaits; needs a calm, experienced rider to give him
more miles but eager to please; willing to jump;
enjoys trail rides and cross country.
$3200 or
borrow free
Dylan - 15.1 H, 15 year old Quarter horse Paint
gelding. God with kids. Sweet, does trotting poles
and teaches beginner cross rails. Great on trails.
Does not jump. Simple to ride.
Nudara - 15 H, 18 year old, Quarter horse mare.
Has previously reined. Quiet, just started over fences.
Sonny - 15 H, 19 year old Quarter horse type
gelding. Good with kids when in consistent work. Very
fun ride. Comfy.
Einstein - 16.1 H, 9 year old, appendix gelding;
calm on the ground and under saddle; can be used
for a beginner walk trot but has a bumpy canter;
quiet in the ring and on trails; Not very good with
other horses in the ring. Very cute and lovable;
schooling changes. Jumps 2'3"-2'6".
Diva - 13.2 H, 15 year old mare. Very responsive
and light. Forward flat and jumping. Has changes;
Needs a quiet rider who rides with their seat. Would
be a super pony jumper. Very scopey.
Gus - 16 H, 21 year old, Thoroughbred gelding. Can
get forward, especially at the canter. Jumps small
  Tippy - 15 H, 22 year old, Quarter Horse chestnut
mare- responsive and highly trained; very quiet when
in consistent work, great with kids; does not
jump;good on trails in a group; can go English or
Western; Perfect beginner horse.
  Flo - 14.1 H, 14 year old, Quarter Horse mare.
Willing, forward canter. New to jumping. Nice gaits.
Would make a lovely project.
  Seamus - 16.1 H, 15 year old, Irish Sport Horse.
Talented gelding, knows his job; very quiet on the flat
with comfy gaits; forward to fences(2'6"); needs a
quiet rider; good cross country but can get strong;
excellent on trails rides; schooling changes.
Marlin - 15 H, 5 year old, Quarter Horse gelding.
Good walk trot. Needs work steering at the canter
and over fences. Very cute project, will be a star with
more work.
  Showtoi - 15.3 H, 15 year old Arabian gelding.
Great walk, trot, canter; willing to jump anything;
head shy. Camp favorite. Easily jumps 2'3"-2'6".
Romeo - 15.2 H, 23 year old Morgan; very talented
fun ride; can get quick; excellent over fences, knows
his jump, has changes; great cross country nd on
trail rides but can get strong; prefers a rider who is
light on his back.
Mercedes - 14.1 H, 20 year old, Arabian mare.
Forward ride, very responsive to seat and hands;
loves to jump but can get quick; enjoys cross country
and group trail rides; needs consistent work; has
changes. Great jump.
Gilligan - 13.2 H, 23 year old Welsh pony. Good
with kids. Can be forward. Good walk trot canter and
over small courses.
  Dory - 15.1 H, 14 year old Quarter horse gelding.
Good with consistent work. Forward but responsive.
Goes English and Western. Cute frame, soft mouth.
  Delilah - 15.1 H, 17 year old, Thoroughbred mare;
quiet under saddle in the ring; needs consistent
work; can be slow but very responsive to leg, quiet to
jumps; has changes. Would make a god low level
event or hunter horse.
  Newton - 14.3 H, 10 year old, Quarter pony; very
sweet on the ground, loves attention; scopey; green
but willing to fences; would be a wonderful project.
Eclipse - 15 H, 12 year old, Quarter pony gelding.
Goes English and Wester. Forward ride, especially
English. Has changes. Great trail horse. Needs a
confident rider over fences.
$3000 or borrow
Woody - 14.3 H, 16 year old, Quarter horse type
gelding; stocky, cute pony; great on trails (could be
used for an intermediate rider on trails); loves to
swim; fun bareback; solid walk trot canter for a
patient rider; needs consistent work; loves to jump
(2-2'3"+), camp favorite!
Pilot - 15.2 H, 11 year old, paint gelding; very sweet
on the ground, easy going; prefers consistent work
outside the ring like trail rides and cross country;
cute jumper, willing to go over anything
$1800 or
borrow free
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