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Chili - 15.2 H, 21 year old TB mare, forward ride
but comes back quickly, needs a rider who rides less
with hand and more with seat; loves to jump, has
evented; good on trails in a group, needs a quiet
$800 or
borrow free
Carver - 15.2 H, 12 year old, Quarter horse type
gelding; slim build; very comfy gaits; wants to
please; rider must be able to steer as he likes to cut
corners; willing to jump.
$4000 or
borrow free
Darwin - 14.3 H, 7 year old paint gelding; comfy
gaits; loves to jump in a ring and cross country; trail
rides; needs a more advanced rider to give him
more miles
$3200 or
borrow free
Nudara - 15 H, 18 year old, Quarter horse mare.
Broke western, prefers a long rein and a quiet,
consistent seat. Will jump with a capable rider.
$4000 or
borrow free
Gus - 16 H, 21 year old, Thoroughbred gelding.
Great horse for an intermediate rider. He can get
forward in the canter but responds well to half halts.
Willing to jump small courses.
$3000 or
borrow free
  Showtoi - 15.3 H, 15 year old Arabian gelding.
Great walk, trot, canter; willing to jump anything;
head shy. Camp favorite. Easily jumps 2'3"-2'6". Has
$9000 or
borrow free
Romeo - 15.2 H, 23 year old Morgan; very
talented, fun ride; excellent over fences, knows his
jump, has changes; great cross country and on trail
rides but can get strong; prefers a rider who is light
on his back.
$8000 or
borrow free
Mercedes - 14.1 H, 20 year old, Arabian mare.
Forward ride; loves to jump; enjoys cross country
and group trail rides; has changes. Great jump.
Perfect for an advanced intermediate rider.
$4000 or
borrow free
Eclipse - 15 H, 12 year old, Quarter horse gelding.
Goes English and Western. Forward ride, especially
English. Has changes. Great trail horse. Needs a
confident rider over fences but willing to jump.
Enjoys cross country. Would also make a great trail
For sale:
Marlin - 15 H, 5 year old, Quarter Horse gelding.
Comfy gaits. Needs a solid rider to help finish him.
Learning to jump but needs a confident rider. Very
lovable and wants to please.

$5000 or
borrow free
Pippin - 15.1 H, 12 year old, Draft Cross.
Responsive and forward moving. Solid walk, trot,
canter with intermediate and advanced riders.
Would excel in a dressage arena. Sweet on the
$2500 or
borrow free