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Farm Day Camp
Single weeks (5 days) 6/26 - 8/4 …........ $580
Two weeks (10 days) 6/26 - 8/4 …........ $1160
1st Session (18 days) 6/26 - 7/15….… $1600
 2nd Session (18 days) 7/17 - 8/5 … ….$1600  
2017 SJ Farm Overnight & Day Camps
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SJ Farm Camp is the perfect place for girls who
love animals – ALL animals - but are not
planning to ride! Part of everyday will be spent
caring for and visiting with all the animals at SJ,
including the horses!

A huge part of animal care is preparing meals for
the animals using store bought and camp grown
ingredients. Feeding and watering is needed
multiple times daily and the Farm Team will be
responsible for making sure that happens.
Some time will be spent each day tending the
gardens, weeding, planting, and harvesting as
needed. We may be cutting flowers to decorate
the dining hall, pulling carrots for the horses, or
trimming herbs and greens for the other farm

All other camp activities and living arrangements are
the same for riding and farm campers.
Our Farm Day Camp  program is for girls,
ages 7 – 15, Monday through Friday from
8:45 am to 6:00 pm - for selected weeks.  
A hot lunch is included.

If a day camper is registered for an entire 3 week
session, she can come to the initial get-to-know-
you Sunday afternoon & evening, 2 additional
Saturdays, and the End-of-Session Show (an
additional Saturday morning) at no extra charge.
If a day camper is registered for one of the single
weeks ending 7/14 or 8/4, they can add the End-
of-Session Show day for $80.

Day campers can stay overnight at an additional
charge of $60.00 per night.  This cost covers the
evening meal, night program, and breakfast.  If
you are planning to do an extensive number of
overnights please let us know, as it may affect
cabin assignments.
Each day, campers should bring a bathing suit,
towel, jacket or sweatshirt, and long pants,
paddock boots, and helmet for riding.  Raincoats
should be brought on rainy days or if rain is in the
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Farm Overnight Camp
Session 1 - 6/25 - 7/15
Session 2 - 7/16 - 8/5
Session 3 - 8/6 - 8/19
Session 4 - 8/20 - 8/26
1-week session….......... $880
2-week session …........ $1680
3-week session….....… $2250
Single weeks may be available
during a 3-week session.