When you arrive at camp:

  1. Please park and then come to the white ranch house with your daughter to check in.
  2. We will let your daughter know the names of her cabin and her counselors and collect
    any paperwork and/or money that you haven’t sent ahead of time.
  3. If it’s her first time at camp, we'll review a few things to help her get settled and we
    will help her know who to go to with questions or for help. This conversation may
    need to include reminding her that speaking with you on the phone should not be part
    of her plan.
  4. We will update her Health History, if needed, collect any medicines, and do a health
    screening.  If we discover that your daughter has head lice (or nits) she will not be
    allowed to check-in at this time, so to be on the safe side, check your daughter before
    coming to camp.  Here is one link to a site that tells you how to check.  There are also
    many other sites on the internet and videos on you tube.  
  5. During check-in you should also let us know if someone other than you will be picking
    her up from camp.
  6. We will also ask you if there are any specific circumstances when you would like us to
    call you.

After check-in:
  1. It's time to move in! You and your daughter will collect her luggage from your car and
    go to the cabn area, where you will find your daughter’s cabin, meet her counselor and
    other staff, find and set up her bed.
  2. You should plan to say good-bye sometime after you have gotten your daughter settled
    in her cabin, have seen that she has met her counselor and a couple of her cabin mates,
    and before she joins her cabinmates for the afternoon get-to-know-you activity.
  3. During the evening, after supper, all the campers will partcipate in a barn orientation
    and riding evaluations.
Check-in Information