The Overlook
A rec hall overlooking our lake is used for theater games, indoor night
programs like skit night, karaoke or Sing Down and rainy day program.
There is a costume closet, plenty of couches, and a TV for campers to
watch their Cabin Movies or the session Slideshow.
The Cabin Area
Nested in a grove of pine trees are 8
camper cabins and 5 counselor cabins.
Each cabin sleeps up to 8 and have bunk
beds, screened windows and overhead
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The Waterfront
The waterfront is open every day in the afternoon for the optional
free swim and boating. Certified lifeguards are always present.
There are two sections for swimming, one for intermediate and a
deeper area for advanced swimmers. Campers can come down
to swim, use the paddle boats, canoe or the kayaks or to try to
catch frogs!  
The Dining Hall
All campers and counselors come together at the dining
hall for mealtimes.  Food is served buffet and cafeteria
styles with plenty of choices. Campers and staff enjoy
conversations during each meal then gather on the
porch for daily announcements.
The Overlook Bathrooms & The Lavs
A path leads from the cabin area to the
Overlook Bathrooms where we have 4
showers, 5 toilets and 6 sinks.  
The Lavs are in the main house and
have 2 showers, 2 toilets and 4 sinks.
info@sjridingcamp.com  ∙  860-872-4742  ∙  130 Sandy Beach Road, Ellington CT 06029
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"Everyone at SJ
helped me so much! I
improved a lot with my
riding and I met some -
humans & horses!

Everyone at camp
believed in me and I
will be forever grateful
for that. Can't wait for
next year!"
~ Camper '17 & '18