About Us

“Chloe found at SJ Riding Camp not only a group of horse riding enthusiasts, but also a diverse group of new friends through whom she discovered different backgrounds and lifestyles. The camp has widened her horizons while indulging on her passion to care for horses.”

~~’16-’19 Camper Dad

About SJ

San Juan ranch was founded in 1956 by Mary E. Haines as a riding camp for her children and their friends. Since then. SJ Riding Camp has grown into a comprehensive riding facility and general activities camp while maintaining the family oriented feel that provides each camper with individual attention. Our camp provides girls, ages 8 to 16, with a safe place to improve riding skills or learn to ride, take on the responsibility of horse care, improve their horsemanship skills, and have fun while learning to be active, caring members of our camp community. In 2016 we began our mini-farm program.

The Camp runs for nine weeks, in 1, 2, and 3 week sessions. While at SJ, campers in our riding program ride twice a day and campers in our farm program go to the mini farm twice a day. All campers have time for other activities such as Arts & Crafts Theatre, Sports, Archery, Boating, and Swimming. We also devote time every day to caring for the horses and farm animals, and learning more about horse management and small animal care.

SJ Riding Camp values diversity and openness to new experiences. We celebrate differences through daily activities and evening programs. SJ is a place for girls and their counselors to gain self-confidence, friends, and new experiences through a common love of horses and farm animals.

Black Lives Matter

Camp experiences play an important role in helping to dismantle systemic racism and violence:

At camp, we teach social justice

At camp, we teach empathetic leadership

At camp, we teach inclusion, belonging, and community

Camp is for everyone

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