Apply for Financial Assistance

SJ Riding Camp strives to make camp available to all campers, regardless of means or family situations. It is our belief that everyone may find themselves in need of assistance, financial or otherwise, at some point. We look at any and all contributing need factors such as the number of children in the household, family member illness, family members in college, loss of employment, current military active duty, income etc. In addition to the registration deposit, we ask that every family attempt to contribute a portion of the camp tuition. We understand that the amount any family is able to contribute will change from year to year. 

Applications must be made each year for the upcoming summer.

Decisions are made by a Campership Committee. Campership applications are accepted on a first come basis and reviewed at the end of each month. Camperships are awarded based on space availability, family need, and availability of funds for the program. Families will be notified via email of Committee decisions

$150/week (for resident or day) camp deposit and the camp registration form are due with the Campership Application. The deposit is subtracted from any partial campership and the balance is due by April 15, * unless other arrangements are agreed upon by both parties. The full deposit will be returned if assistance is unavailable for any reason. 

  1. The Camper Registration form must be completed and mailed with a deposit check of $150/week.
  2. The Campership Application form (see below) must be completed and mailed to the camp. Please include any and all factors affecting the family’s needs. 
  3. Family should check the current guidelines for free or reduced lunch. 
  4. Camper and/or a parent or guardian submits a letter or work of art that tells us why camp is important to them.
  5. Camp will notify applicants of awards at the end of each month.
  6. Tuition balance, if any , is paid by the family via mailed check by March 15*.
  7. Camper sends a “Thank you” note to camp after attending that will be shared with the donors. 
  8. Employees of SJ, donors to the Campership Program, ACA board members or officers, or family members of any of the foregoing persons are not eligible campership applicants. 

The Amount given toward the participation of any campership camper shall not exceed the amount of tuition minus the amount the family is able to pay.

Limited funds available.

*Additional support is available through mutually approved payment plans. 

The SJ Campership Application

Our Staff and campers come from a variety of locations and backgrounds and our camp values and celebrates diversity and openness to new experiences. SJ is a place for girls to gain self-confidence, friends, and new experiences.  *  860-872-4742  *  130 Sandy Beach road, Ellington CT 06029