Getting Ready For Camp

Getting Ready for Camp

Health Information and Medical Information

If possible, please complete all health related forms online at your account by June. The medication forms enable medication administration trained staff to give medication to your daughter when the nurse has a day off or is away from camp. It needs to be signed by you and the doctor, and any (even over-the-counter) medications that you are including on it need to be brought with you to camp.

If your daughter has an epi-pen or an inhaler, please be sure the “Self Administration box is checked on the form so that your daughter can self-medicate her epi-pen or inhaler. All medication needs to be in the original container, with your daughter’s name and address on it, prescription or otherwise. (Prescriptions need to be made out in your daughter’s name and if you have an inhaler, we need the box prescribing it to your daughter)

We hope everyone attending camp is fully immunized. For the latest information about the MMR vacine, please go to


Please don’t pack things that she doesn’t usually wear at home. Call us if you have any questions. If you and your daughter pack together she will know what she has and where it is. Please mark EVERYTHING with her name. Try Sterling Name Tape Co., if you would like to buy labels. (Put in code 123 at check-out). The camp is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items so please do not bring expensive items. Please note: We don’t allow sleeveless shirts for riding. Sunscreen, insect repellent, and a watch, are required. *Laundry can be done at any time but we usually recommend once a week ($6 for  an8 lb. load). The laundry gets put into the washer and dryer as is, so it helps to instruct your daughter on un-balling socks, rolling down cuffs, etc. before putting laundry in the laundry bag. Also, lights and darks get washed together in cold water, so any brand new dark clothes should probably be washed first at home. We also require riding boots and would prefer “paddock” boots because they are cooler than tall boots and safer than riding sneakers. You can get both items from a tack store or a mail order company. *Campers are allowed to bring snacks to camp. We do require that snacks are in animal and bug proof containers so don’t send any more than will fit in your container. Please do not send items with nuts or peanuts. They can also buy limited snacks at the canteen. If you are interested in a care package company you might try The Wrinkled Egg! * Trunks are easier to live out of than duffel bags or suitcases. They may or may not fit under the bed. but campers usually use them as a night table. Space is limited so we ask that you don’t bring an enormous one. If you are looking for a place to buy a trunk you can try Everything Summercamp and put in code Trail609SJ to get a discount. *We do not allow campers to have cell phones or other electronics that connect to the Internet at camp because we feel that this is a time for them to learn to use other trusted adults beside parents if they have a problem. Please encourage your camper to talk to her counselors, Lisa, or the nurse if she has a problem so that we can help. We will definitely call you for advise call you for advise if she has a serious problem.

Interesting information: (cut and paste)

We do not allow cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, pocket knives, weapons, matches, or pets.

All Natural Insect repellents: Ticks N All

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Spending MoneyCampers are not allowed to keep money with them or in their trunk. We suggest that you leave $35 dollars per week in spending money with us and we will start a canteen account for your daughter. At the end of the session we will return the unspent portion to you. This money will go towards laundry, T-shirts, sweatshirt, or boxers, etc, if wanted, and candy, ice cream, or beverages, which is limited, and extra riding programs.

The Spending Money Form is on page 25 of the Family Handbook.  *  860-872-4742  *  130 Sandy Beach road, Ellington CT 06029