Our horses are hand-selected to be quiet, reliable, educated school masters and most of our horses are with us for life!

They are an integral part of our program and we go to great lengths to make sure they are happy and healthy.

We have a very diverse herd including Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Warmbloods of all ages and backgrounds (we even have some horses who used to be Western horses!) Each horse is evaluated every summer and assigned to an appropriate riding level.

Every horse at camp spends as much time as possible out in pasture with his buddies. This makes sure that our horses have plenty of time to relax, graze, or play with friends so that when they go to work, they are happy and well-rested. Most of our horses live with the herd out in the pasture while others live alone (but close to other horses) or in small groups in turnout areas.

Our horses work hard every summer to teach many girls to ride and love horses so after camp we place each horse into a family or schooling environment for the fall/winter/spring. Some horses get the time off and can go home with a student who just wants to trail ride while others are still developing their skills and are placed with students who are actively working with a trainer or instructor on specific goals that we outline beforehand. Please keep this in mind for your riding plans during the school year as this can be a valuable experience in horse ownership and responsibility!

If you are interested in taking home a horse during our off-season, please take a look at our information on borrowing. We occasionally have horses for sale as well. You can see what horses are available for borrowing or that are for sale here. *  860-872-4742  *  130 Sandy Beach road, Ellington CT 06029