New Campers

For Our New Campers

Welcome to our SJ Riding Camp family!

Since this is your daughter’s first time at SJ, she may be interested in having a pen pal. Many of our veteran campers enjoy being “Big Sisters” to our new campers through our pen pal program. It’s always comforting to know someone who will be at camp at the same time. Let us know via email if she would like a Big Sister and we’ll match her with a camper who will be at camp during the same session.

Visiting prior to summer – Please try to visit us once before she comes to camp. Please call for an appointment, (860 872-4742 ).  We would love to show you around and meet you before the rush of the 1st day of camp and it will be less intimidating for your daughter if she has a  familiar place to look forward to coming to. 

Open House May 22 1pm-5pm

please RSVP to

If it’s your daughter’s 1st time away from home, try to arrange some shorter “practice” times at friend’s or family’s houses.  Try to duplicate the experience she will have at camp by agreeing to having no phone calls.  Perhaps you can even write a short letter to each other!

You may be interested in reading a list for first-time camp families, presented by the American Camp Association (ACA). They describe the best ways to prevent homesickness and prepare for a wonderful summer at camp.  If you would like to view a video that Dr. Chris Thurber produced called, “The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success,” and we can send it you on loan. Please email or call for it.

Mail, e-mails, faxes, packages –  The mail is generally slower than you think, so start writing a little earlier than you think you need to, even posting a letter or two prior to her arrival at camp so she will have mail on her first day.  You can also e-mail to your daughter at with your daughter’s name as a subject and we will print out and deliver the e-mail to her for a charge of 50 cents per page.  Faxes can be sent for a charge of $1 per page (860 870-4914).  If you want to receive mail from your daughter it helps to send addressed and stamped envelopes with her.  Everyone loves to get packages at camp – some girls get a package or two a week and others don’t get any. It doesn’t need to be big or elaborate, it’s just fun to get something. It’s nice to send something personal and a little something like a game or crafts to share with cabin-mates. *  860-872-4742  *  130 Sandy Beach road, Ellington CT 06029