Riding Facilities

SJ Riding Facilities

SJ Riding Camp has developed an extensive riding facility over the past 60 years and we still continue to improve upon it! Our 88 acre property includes three enclosed riding arenas with rubber footing, 3 cross-country areas with over 30 obstacles, a 20+ stall horse barn, and miles of trails

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Four Riding Arenas:

Each arena is devoted to one discipline of riding. Our Lake Ring is mostly used for flat work, the Main Ring serves for a little bit of everything, our Pasture Ring is home to our show jumping course, and our Dressage Ring is just that!


Our barn has a large tack room and an indoor teaching area with cross-ties that we use for barn classes like Parts of the Horse, Equine First Aid, and Shoeing and Hoof Care. Attached to the barn are 20 standing stalls that lead out into our large paddock area where we groom, tack up, and hold additional barn classes.

Pasture & Turnout:

All of our horses live out in the 5-acre pasture with our herd, or live in individual or small group turnouts.

Cross-Country Course:

The cross-country course encompasses over 30 obstacles throughout our camp grounds. The main portion of the course resides in the Overlook Field next to our lake. The course includes stone walls, coops, brush fences, log jumps, and a water ditch.

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