Riding Staff Schedule

Sample Riding Staff Schedule during the Camp Season

7:00 AM Feed Horses

7:50 Breakfast- eat with cabin group

8:30 At barn, get beginner horses out of barn

8:45 Supervise the girls when they start tacking up for their lessons.

9:00 Teach an intermediate flat lesson to a group of six

10:00 Teach grooming and tacking to a beginner group

11:00 Teach a beginner riding lesson

11:55 Help put horses away for lunch

12:15 Lunch- eat with cabin group

1:00 Riding Meeting

1:15 Off

2:30 At barn, get beginner horses to their tie spots

2:45 Supervise the girls when they start tacking up for lessons

3:00 Teach lunging to a group that signed up to learn lunging

4:00 Teach an advanced flat group

5:00 Teach an intermediate jumping group

5:55 Help get horses into barn and feed

6:15 Eat with cabin group

7:00 Off or let horses out of barn

7:30 Off or play game with whole camp or make horse assignments for the next day

8:35 All staff meeting

9:00 Night Duty or off

10:00 Sleep???

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