Special Rides

Special Rides

Swimming with the Horses

One of the activities most looked forward to by our riding campers each summer is the chance to go swimming with the horses. On especially hot days, your instructor will take you and your horse to the horse pond where you get to splash through the water and get your feet wet while your horse swims through the deep end of the pond.


Supper Rides

Once each 3-week session, each riding group tacks up their horses with saddlebags full of hot dogs, s’mores, and chips and heads out for a trail ride. Durring these “Supper Rides” you’ll find your campsite and learn how to securly tie your horse to a tree, build a fire, and roast the perfect marshmallow for your s’more.

After you finish with supper and clean up the campsite, the group heads out on the trails. 

When you get backto the barn everybody helps out with un-tacking, feeding, and letting out their horses for the night.

Horse Show

At the end of each session, our campers have the opportunity to participate in a camp-wide horse show. Horse show classes focus on the skills learned during camp and classes can include Dressage, Cross-Country, Stadium Jumping, Command and Pleasure. Each camper participates in two classes for their parents to watch.

The end of the session horse show is a great time for parents to see how much fun their daughters had at camp, for girls to get one last ride on their favorite horse, and for everyone to say goodbye to one another.

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