SJ Riding Program
    Each camper rides twice a day in a riding group
    that is appropriate for her experience level.  
    At SJ, you ride a different horse for each lesson,
    based on your riding ability.  We feel this allows the
    student to gain experience with a wide range of
    temperaments and styles, and in turn makes for a
    more confident rider.  Usually, each girl falls in love
    with one or two horses and we try to assign you to
    those horses more frequently.
    At SJ Riding Camp we teach English style riding and horsemanship.
    Every lesson is geared towards learning a specific skill such as posting, cantering, or jumping cross-
    country. We are extremely safety conscious and all students must be solid in basic horsemanship
    and riding skills before progressing to more difficult skills. In addition, all campers are required to
    wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets and appropriate boots while riding.
    The Riding Program at SJ Riding Camp is geared toward
    campers with a wide range of interests and experiences.  
    Some of our campers are beginners while others have been
    riding for years. The only common factor is a love for horses!
    While at SJ you will live in cabins with girls your own age but
    you will be placed in a riding group with other campers at a
    similar riding level. When you first arrive at camp, you will
    learn the barn safety rules and the basics of horse grooming,
    saddling and bridling, and mounting a horse.
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"Young riders in America must
concentrate less on lessons
and the mechanics of riding
that horse shows question.

They have to start more basic
than that, they have to handle
their horses. That’s a very
weak point in America now.
You just can't be a finished
competitor without being a
horse person, a horse woman
or man. That’s very, very
cosmetic and shallow today in
America. They don't handle
their horses, they don't know
what goes in to horse

Learn that FIRST and then
concentrate on the riding.
Have the base first and then
the polish. We have the
frosting on the cake and no
cake...that’s not very
        - George H. Morris
Our instructors have been Certified Horsemanship Association Instructor Certified.

The CHA Instructor Certification Clinic is offered at SJ June 10 - 15. Call today!