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Free Lease Program

All of our horses are available to take home at the end of camp (the last week of August) and are returned to us either the 1st or 2nd week of June on free lease. You would be responsible for all of the care and responsibilities for the horse while they were with you. You would have the 1st choice for taking home the same horse again the following year.

Some of the advantages of “borrowing” versus buying is that if your (or your child’s) skill level improves you can “trade up” to a different horse next year.  Or, if her interest wanes you can be finished with horse ownership completely.  Sometimes people also go away on vacation in the summer, or want to give their pasture a chance to rejuvenate.  The biggest advantage may be that you don’t have to come up with money for a purchase price!

You will be responsible for all board, shoeing, vet bills, and trucking on the horse. We require that the horse be given a Coggins test and vaccines in the spring, including Eastern, Western, Tetanus, Flu, Rhino, West Nile, Rabies, and Strep (Strangles) (preferably at least a month prior to returning him/her).

We require insurance on all of our horses that are out on free lease. 

*All of our horses are currently out on lease. Please check back regularly for updates on sale horses. All available lease horses will be relisted in June.*

Please call or email with any questions.