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Riding Program

About The Program

The Riding Program at SJ Riding Camp is geared toward campers with a wide range of interests and experiences. Some of our campers are beginners while others have been riding for years. 

Riders are grouped by level. Experienced riders have group lessons twice a day while new riders have one smaller group lesson and one hands on barn class to learn about horse care.  

At SJ Riding Camp we teach English style riding and horsemanship. Every lesson is geared towards learning a specific skill such as posting, cantering, or jumping cross-country.  

Campers also have the opportunity to learn about horse management and care. All riders participate in feeding the horses, cleaning the barn, and taking care of the tack. We have over 50 horses on the property during camp and caring for them all takes a lot of hands! At SJ, we believe campers should not just become great riders but also great horse people.

Our Instructors have been Certified Horsemanship Association Instructor Certified. All campers are required to wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets.